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Handmade unique products & Art pieces with African Sourcing


I am very satisfied with my purchases with Etni'KS. The fabrics are very beautiful and of good quality. The baskets are very well made and the colors are diverse and beautiful.
I encourage you 100% and you will not be disappointed with your purchases, and moreover you will participate in helping African villagers who make these wonders.

Regine K., Dubai

I bought a tablecloth and I am so happy with, however I use it as a plaid on my bed as well since is so colorful and 100% cotton, I truly recommended the Etni’KS stuff, I love everything!!

Monica D., Barcelona

I purchased a pillow cover, a  pin board and a handwoven basket.  All items are authentic, handmade and really good quality. Definitely no cheap "made in china" stuff, but artisan products made with love and dedication, each one unique.  I totally recommend buying here and support local craftsmanship.

Michele S., Switzerland

Este objeto, aparentemente decorativo, me transporta a mis orígenes, me lleva a mi casa, trae a mi memoria olores, sabores, la música y la herencia de los pueblos africanos. Mirarlo, no sólo es un deleite para los ojos, es un viaje a un lugar lejano pero a la vez fuertemente abrazado a mi cultura.

Monica R., Barcelona