Her name is Sabrina K., she's a Citizen of the World in love with the richness and the diversity of the Cultures. She embraces Ethnicity, Art and the beauty of Hand-crafted products.
In a world where machines are growingly replacing human Craftsmanship, and where globalisation and mass production are swallowing Heritage skills, she wishes to bring under the spotlight the value to century-old masteries and traditions passed from generation to generation, to remind one's self of the world's inheritance.
She also takes her inspiration in her partly African roots and in the richness of Ethnic Arts & Crafts for the creation of her artistic pieces, as a feeling of gratitude and value towards the ancestral knowledge.
By Sourcing material from Africa, she aims at Sustaining Local Businesses and Generating Economy on the continent.

Did you know?

Sabrina is also the founder of Africalicious Hoops: Paint Africa By Numbers, some Do-It-Yourself painting kits of African-inspired illustrations, which come with some sweet savoury surprise in each box such as African chocolate. The aim of this project is to trade and sustain African producers, as each box bought gives way to trading possibilities with the African continent.
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