Home is a wellness center. It is our space of rejuvenation and healing, so it is important to treat it with love, care and awareness. Etni'KS brings the African Natural Lifestyle into our homes by working with natural matter.

While we use Nature's medecine and richness, our brand aims at impacting thousands of lives, by supporting African artisans and their economic growth, empowering communities by giving opportunities to produce and offer their handmade crafts to the World.

Together as one conscious and compassionate worldwide community, sale after sale, we can change the narrative, in our homes and in the homes of others.


Meet the Founder


Her name is Sabrina K., she's a Citizen of the World in love with the richness and the diversity of the Cultures. Founder of Etni'KS, she embraces Ethnicity, Art, Nature and the beauty of Hand-crafted products.
In a world where machines are growingly replacing human Craftsmanship, and where globalization and mass production are taking over Heritage handmade skills, she wishes to bring under the spotlight the value to century-old masteries and traditions passed from generation to generation, to remind one's self of the world's inheritance. It is of her utmost value to bring to awareness the type of consumption one makes and brings into their homes. 
She also takes her inspiration in her partly African roots and in the richness of Ethnic Arts & Crafts for the creation of artistic home decorative pieces, as a feeling of gratitude and value towards the ancestral knowledge.
By Sourcing materials and products from Africa, she aims at Sustaining Local Businesses and Generating Economic growth on the continent, while nourishing the customers with products that contribute to their wellbeing.
"One day, I wish for Etni'KS to be a vehicle for the success of African artisans, and run a brand of reference for uniquely designed home decoration pieces, bringing back into the homes of people a respectful and valued connection to Nature and its healing power." - Sabrina K.

Did you know?

Sabrina is also the founder of Africalicious Hoops, some Do-It-Yourself painting & embroidery kits of African-inspired illustrations, which come with an African chocolate bar with the aim to support the bean-to-bar production of chocolate on the continent. Some kits are available on the website in the Entertainment section.